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The new BMW i3 crowned 2014 Wheels Car of the Year

The BMW i3 has overcome a host of high-ranking challengers to be crowned the 2014 Wheels Car of the Year in a gala ceremony held in The Carousel in Albert Park, Melbourne last night.

The first ever electric vehicle to claim Australia’s most coveted motoring prize, the BMW i3 was recognised for its revolutionary concept, dynamics and construction and further consolidates the marque’s reputation as the world’s most sustainable automotive manufacturer.

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Bavarian Engineering Launches NEW Website in 2015

We are proud to launch our new website for 2015 and would like to thank our loyal customers (our extended family) for supporting us each and every year without fail.

Our new website has a host of new features to make it easy to book our services and can be easily accessed on your mobile or tablet for express service bookings, etc.

If you have any exciting BMW related news you would love to share, please send your article through to us at with a supporting picture and we will post it to our news page. 

BMW i8: Reviewing The Car Of Tomorrow

Great article about the new BMW i8 on TechCrunch... enjoy!

We were promised flying cars, teleportation and hover boards. We don’t have any of that. But now we have this: The BMW i8 and it’s a future that cannot get here soon enough.

My body hurt. My mind was numb. I had just spent a week in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show and was ready to fly home. But first I had to drive a brand-new 2015 BMW i8 to L.A. It’s a rough job, but someone has to do it.

The i8 is BMW’s latest supercar, able to go 0 to 60 in about 4.4 seconds with its hybrid electric/gas powertrain. The i8 looks like a Hot Wheels car, handles like a supercar and is as expensive as a high-end Porsche. With a starting price of $135,000, this isn’t the car for everyone. It’s actually a gateway into BMW’s other hybrid, the cute and cheap BMW i3, a shorter, sporty runaround that BMW is touting as their answer to crunchy hybrids from Honda, Nissan, and Chevy.

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BMW Shows Off Gesture Controls And Automated Parking

BMW is showing off a bunch of new or new-ish technologies this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. On the just-announced side, there are in-development gesture-based controls — so, thanks to an in-car camera, you may soon be able to draw circles in the air to adjust the volume of your music, or point in a certain way to answer a phone call.

Now, I’m not a great driver myself, but I’d imagine that constantly moving your hands around while driving could be a little distracting and dangerous. Apparently that’s one of the reasons why BMW is focused on a fairly limited set of gestures and use cases.

Other demos in the video include a backseat tablet control (also pictured below), a fully automated car-park system, and collision avoidance technology.

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A BMW Can Now Control A GoPro Camera Because Why Not

As a result of a new partnership between GoPro and BMW, it’s never been easier to record your hoonage antics. Select late-model BMW cars will soon be able to control GoPro cameras directly from the dash. Just click record on the dash of the car and the connected GoPro cameras click to life.

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